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Perfection is achieved when the effort to perform it becomes effortless and the infinite being within is reached.

Yoga Sutra 1.47 - B.K.S. Iyengar; Light on the Yoga Sutras


Who am I?

Hello, my name is Trent. I am a yoga and paddle board enthusiast and instructor, but I wasn't always. I began my journey in the corporate rat race. I sat in traffic, punched the clock, felt the constant stress of deadlines, and thought, 'there must be something more'. There simply had to be something more to life than this. So began my search. It was then that I found yoga. 

I have to admit, yoga was not love at first sight for me. The first time wasn't easy, or relaxing, it was challenging and scary - similar to many things you do for the first time. It definitely wasn't where I thought my path would lead me, but I stuck with it anyways. I slowly started to feel a shift. My thoughts, my mind, and my attitude all changed, my breathing got better and stress seemed to melt away.

In 2013 I bought my first stand up paddle board and began exploring the waters of the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary. It was there that I discovered something magical about floating on glassy waters, something that kept me coming back for more. Unlike yoga, my love for paddle boarding was immediate, and I knew the direction I needed to go.

Earlier this year, after receiving my yoga teacher credentials, I closed the chapter on the corporate life, and opened the next chapter. This chapter of my life is meant for me to share my passions with you. To help guide you, on water, in the studio, perhaps even at a coffee shop, peacefully to a life you're thrilled about. And, hey, if you're already thrilled about your life, I want to meet you anyways, so we can share in that experience together! 


What do I practice?

Stand up paddle boarding

My connection with the water goes beyond what I can articulate into words, and is one of the main drivers of my journey. Feeling the water moving beneath my board, for me is an indescribable feeling. The power of the water, the wildlife, and the beauty of the surroundings come together to create what seems like magic, and I'm hooked.


Growing up near the mountains has created a deep appreciation for nature within me. The serenity of being surrounded by open air, fresh snow and the Rocky Mountains seems to transcend reality, and opens the mind to infinite possibilities. Snowboarding was my first board sport, and will forever be part of my journey. 

the 8 limbs of yoga

To me, yoga is more than a physical practice. The 8 limbs of yoga have become my teacher, guiding my journey and filling my life with gratitude, kindness, mindful breathing and non-judgemental observances. By following these practices, and combining them with my love of the mountains and water, I am left with no room for greed, egotism, or negativity, just love.


join me, and the eight limbs of yoga, with a focus on asana and pranayama in studio, in the midst of the mountains, or out on the open water  — the thrill of self exploration, the beauty of british columbia, the serenity of the wilderness.