Follow your true path

Are you following your true path? Does your heart start pumping when you think about what you are doing? I mean beating out of your chest excited?

If you answered yes, then we are likely on the same path. If you hesitated or answered anything other than a "jumping out of your fucking chair YES, YES, YES", well lets take a look at my journey to my true path.

I was in the corporate rat race, looking to claw my way up the ladder. First problem. I am too nice. I wasn't ruthless or cruel to anyone in my quest for the top of the ladder. I hated my life. Wait let me rephrase. I am thankful for the lessons that I learned while living that life. Sitting in traffic for hours every day, risking my life on backcountry oil & gas or logging roads, drinking away my pain, and suppressing my feelings and emotions in a quest to show no weaknesses. 

Truth is, I became numb to feelings and emotions. I was in and out of relationships because I took my partners for granted. I did not appreciate them. But then, I was "providing" for them, what more do they need? Truth is they need to be provided for the least. What they need the most is to feel loved, to feel appreciated, to be told how much they mean to you ever single day. to be told how beautiful they are. Pick them flowers, kiss their shoulders or their foreheads. Tell them how much they mean to you every day. EVERY DAY. 

So the first lesson is don't stop feeling. You need those feelings just as much as your partner needs them. 

Once I pulled myself out of the corporate rat race, the feelings started to come back. I started to enjoy life again. I drank a lot of beer in my first summer away. It felt SO DAMN GOOD. not having to be attached to my phone, not having to lock into my emails at 8am on the dot. I enjoyed life. Heck, Americano + Bailey's? Yes please. Every day if I may! What I learned here is that alcohol when used incorrectly, as I did, only numbs, or slows the process of connecting with your feelings. When I wasn't drinking, or drinking very little, I enjoyed life more. I connected with the trees, and the streams, I rooted into the ground, I found my true path.

Second lesson? Stop Drinking. Even if it is for a month, 3 months, 1 year. The clarity I found was staggering. I am only 5 months in, and I don't miss it. I am looking forward to a nice glass of scotch with someone special in October, But I am in no rush to get there...

Once I started on my true path, there was no stopping it. Nothing was getting in my way. I tried going back to office type work. Yep. I left that "job". I tried talking myself out of it. Nope, I keep getting pushed by myself, friends, or family. The universe has a plan for all of us. Perhaps we are on it, perhaps it keeps testing us to see if we are ready. When we are ready for it, there is no stopping it. You have to go with it. There is no fighting it. Trust your heart, your intuition, and your gut! They are always right!

Lesson #3... Follow your path when you find it, and don't let anyone get in your way!

Trent Bellamy

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Converted from a 7-5 concrete jungle monkey, to a lover of life, appreciator of nature, offering kindness and gratitude in everything that I do!

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