Looking at the Upcoming Year - 2018

People have been asking me lately what my new years eve plans are. While most people are all about going out and saying goodbye to all of the suffering from the previous year by sedating themselves with substances (I also used to do this), the last few years I have spent reflecting on the positives from the previous year. This puts me in a great mindset to do what I love to do on the day we call New Years Eve.

Looking at the Upcoming Year - 2018

In order for us to move forward to life and to transcend the suffering, we first must come to peace with it. To connect with the teachings of each individual situation, and to realize what it was that we were supposed to learn or take from that situation. Most of the time, those situations are moments or times of suffering. 

Recently I suffered a flurry of injuries. I was told that if I was to receive an award for anything, it would be for having the most injuries of 2018. Those injuries were a sign that I needed to slow down. I didn't see it until the most major one, when my knee was in a splint for 4 weeks, and now I am doing physio on it in an effort to regain mobility of my knee.


Look back and journal about some of the times when we felt the most suffering in our lives. When things were going so bad, we did not ever think that we could recover from them. Perhaps we lost our source of income, or we became injured, or we found ourselves single after being in a relationship.


Now take those times of suffering and look for the good in them. The silver lining. If we are unable to see the good, then we must look for the lesson or the teachings from those moments. Perhaps we were too attached to the income from our careers? Perhaps we were pushing ourselves too hard and the injury was a sign to slow down? Perhaps we were simply not meant to be in that relationship? Or perhaps there was something else?

Get Positive

Come to peace with those moments. They no longer serve us. Once we have taken away from them what we were meant to hear, we can begin to move forward again, and feel positive about those moments rather than feeling negative. We can be who we were meant to be without all of those emotional chains holding us down, keeping us attached to our pasts.


The Upcoming Year - 2018

So what will I be doing this new years eve? I will be at home, doing some journaling, meditation, and most certainly finding myself setting the intentions I wish to have for 2018. These intentions are solely based out of love, however from year to year, they typically involve different actions on my behalf to create them within my life, and thus it is important to get them clear, and then re-visit them.

The sanskrit word for intention is Sankalpa, which is a compound word combining Kalpa (vow) and San (connection to the highest truth). Thus Sankalpa, is a vow or commitment to our highest truth. It refers to a statement that we draw upon to remind us of our true nature and to guide our choices.

So by setting these intentions, I am essentially vowing to the god of my belief that I will create the intentions that I wish to create in my life. I also believe that by putting these intentions out into the world helps to alert the higher powers that we wish to welcome these things into our lives, in hopes that they will also help us manifest the things we are visualizing.

I truly believe that this is a practice that we all would significantly benefit from, so if you find yourself leaning towards setting one or more intentions at any point and time, do it! Simply make sure that you do it with a mindfulness of its ability to affect your reality.

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