What I do

Below is a basic outline of what I can offer. Understanding that every situation and everyones expectations are different, I prefer to meet for a coffee and discover exactly what you are looking for, and what you hope to achieve. The coffee is on me. Promise.


Business Consulting

Business has its challenges. Chances are that I have struggled through these challenges before, and I can offer you a hand to guide you through whatever it is that you are working on! 

Website Delivery

Websites can be tough, and sometimes consultants hold you ransom or disappear before transferring ownership to you. I do things differently. Lets meet and discuss!

Domain Maintenance

Need a little help with your domain? Maybe expanding your local network architecture? Let me help you out in the design and project undertaking to ensure it goes smoothly with little to no disruption!

Network Architecture

Moving offices? Expanding? This can be tricky, especially when you had not thought about growth. Let me help you design and build a future proof network that is scalable and secure!

Email Marketing

Don't know what this is? You need my help. I can get you setup to send out emails to clients to ensure retention, as well as attracting new clients!

SEO Delivery

Don't know what this one is either? I can help! This will help you show up close to the top in the google search rankings, which will ensure clients visit you first!

Content Writing

This ties into SEO Delivery. When you create new content, you stay at the top with Google! I can help! Lets meet and I can discuss in more detail!

Social Media Strategy

Social media can be tough. Too few posts and your clients don't see you. Too many and you will get unfollowed. The wrong time and people won't see your posts. I can help you set up a schedule that will keep your clients happy!



Email me: info@trentbellamy.com